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Make Your Own Wedding Ring(s): Lost Wax Carving Workshop - 2 Session Series

Make Your Own Wedding Ring(s): Lost Wax Carving Workshop - 2 Session Series

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How Many People Will Be Making Rings?

Jewellery Making Class

Your celebration is a time solely dedicated to you and your partner, and the rings you share are the daily symbol of your marriage, holding each close by through love and commitment. 


Indulge in a few hours of creativity, as we embark on a journey of crafting your own wedding rings. This workshop geared to fuel your inspiration to freestyle in a new medium with some light guidance - embrace the present moment and the joy of creating something special with your own two hands. 


We'll start with morsels of wax and slowly form them into your own personally created ring(s). This is about a 3 hour class, plus a second 1.5-2 hour polishing session to take place 4-6 weeks later.


Your workshop includes
▹ Access to all tools and materials to explore and complete your piece
▹ A comfy learning experience, hosted by Caranina
▹ Learning new skills of working with jeweller’s wax and metal 
▹ Wax to complete your project (metal for your piece is extra and based on the weight of your final design)


We welcome all individuals and couples to join us. We are here to simply guide your creativity to make rings you will be truly proud of. You are welcome to make your own ring or make each other’s rings. We also welcome adding extra personal touches like fingerprints inside your rings.


Booking: Purchasing a ticket to this workshop allows you to book yourself into our schedule using this calendar. After purchasing, feel free to schedule yourself in! The workshop you book (it’s the first session of two), must be booked three months out from your wedding date. If you’re on a shorter timeline, please reach out to us to confirm we are able to have your rings ready in time. 


Metal Pricing: Once you finish your session happy with your pieces, they will be sent offsite for casting into the metal of your choice. Pricing is based on the final weight of your pieces which we will go through together. We offer sterling silver, and a selection of 10k-18k white/yellow/rose gold options. On average, a 2mm 10k gold ring is starting at $400. We will go through pricing nearing the end of the session. If you have a particular budget in mind - please let us know. 

Extra workshop details

▹ Each workshop is up to two people.

▹ Collect some inspiration photos on your phone of what you'd like to create prior to the class!

▹ No previous goldsmithing experience required! As we do some fine detailed work, if you require glasses to see up close, please bring them along!

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