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Join us to learn the process of lost wax carving to create a signet ring of your own design! We'll start with a wax square and slowly carve it into your own personally designed ring. This class is about 4 hours, plus a second 1.5-2 hour polishing session to take place in January or February 2023. One ticket per person, up to two people per session.


Your workshop includes
▹ two sessions: your initial carving class plus a comeback session to sand and polish up your piece to wear
▹ access to all applicable tools to complete your piece

▹ learning some basic techniques like filing, sizing, sanding
▹ wax to complete your project (metal for your piece is extra)


Once you finish your session happy with your ring(s), it will be sent offsite for casting into the metal of your choice. We offer brass, sterling silver, and a selection of 10k-18k gold options. On average, attendees usually spend about $55 for brass, $65 for sterling silver, and $250+ for 10k gold. (Pricing is based on the final weight of your ring which we will go through together). When your ring comes back, it is ready to be cleaned and polished. This will be in January or February 2023.


Fine details
▹Each workshop is private but you're welcome to book with 1 other person for your session. One ticket per person. Bookings must be made at the same time, unless reached out via email.
▹Collect some inspiration photos on your phone of what you'd like to create prior to the class!
▹Everyone coming to the same session will be doing the same project type.
▹No previous goldsmithing experience required! As we do some fine detailed work, if you require glasses to see up close, please bring them along!