Imprint Jewellery Sessions in Hamilton Ontario

Immortalize the cherished people in your life with this jewellery imprint workshop. Join us for a memorable experience where you and your loved ones can leave your mark on jewellery pieces to wear and cherish forever. It’s the perfect opportunity to create lasting moments that hold not just your fingerprints but also the love and joy shared between you and those closest to your heart. 


How does this work?

Keep an eye out for our Imprint Session dates! We post a limited amount of slots for one day each month. Wrangle your loved one(s) and choose the time that works best for you all.

Currently we have 4 jewellery pieces to choose from, and your first brass piece is free with the price of your ticket (or can be put towards a sterling silver or solid gold piece).

Show up on our Imprint Day for your session. We will have your chosen jewellery pieces made of wax ready to imprint. You will be pressing your finger into the warmed wax. The impression happens instantly as it cools, and upon removing your finger you’ll see a perfectly pressed imprint! If you’re not happy with it, we can redo it a few times until we get it just right.

Your jewellery will then be cast into the metal of your choosing. We can do brass, sterling silver, or a range of solid gold options. This process may be 4-6 weeks, giving time to sand and polish your pieces ready for wear.

Gold oval pendant with fingerprint on surface
A blue wax version of an oval pendant with a fingerprint on it