Custom Jewellery

We understand that jewellery carries so much personal value and amplifies expression. Because of this, we cherish working with you to craft uniquely special pieces that are meant to hold your passion for decades to come. Our fabrication team consists of expert humans in Toronto and Montreal to make your dreams a reality.

The materials we use are just as important as the pieces themselves. We only use ethically sourced, vintage, or repurposed gemstones, and 100% recycled gold. We save all of our scrap metals to be refined or melted into new pieces too. Adding in an additional personal touch, we love incorporating your own metal and gemstones into your newly treasured heirloom. 

Whether a gift for yourself, a loved one, friend, or family member, we are honoured to create a piece to treasure for a lifetime and beyond. 

Reach out to embark on this journey together!

  • Caranina_ 10k Yellow Gold Molten Engagement Ring with 3 Diamonds

    A molten 10k yellow gold engagement ring for H, inspired by nature from S, crafted with 3 diamonds uniquely into the band

  • A cherished engagement ring for J, made from her grandmother’s 14k yellow gold and diamonds, designed with her partner C

  • A unique solitaire 10k yellow gold ring, with a light sage green prasiolite stone and hammered band. For H from T for her graduation, embarking onto a new chapter of life

  • A sweet pair of 18k yellow gold floral studs with a glass stone at its center. A special pair of studs completed again for A after one was lost

  • A delicate and dreamy 14k yellow gold wedding band with teensy accent diamonds for C to compliment her vintage engagement ring

  • In lieu of a wedding ring set, E + A came to us for a deeply personal set of their fingerprints forever preserved in a brass token for A and 10k yellow gold pendant for E

  • A three stone cluster ring for J from a pendant and earring she wasn't wearing anymore, turned into a sentimental sterling silver ring to cherish

  • A one of a kind wedding band cast and crafted from a branch found at a local park in luscious 10k yellow gold for L's partner

  • A special ring set for L + L from a selection of grandparent wedding bands and diamonds, melted into two for these rings to shape a new family bond

  • Our first fingerprint pendant, L's little one's fingerprint preserved forever in 10k yellow gold, with the accent of a crescent moon was a happy design "accident"