Commissioning Custom Jewellery for Yourself

Treat yourself to the glory of custom jewellery, commissioned by you, for you. Your uniqueness is captured in your style, and custom jewelry is the perfect accent to your look. We can work with jewelry you already have—perhaps pieces from an ex, a divorce, or heirlooms passed down through generations. Together, we will co-create with your unique vision, making your jewellery dreams a reality. Let’s get those cherished items out from collecting dust and back to shining in the glorious sunlight where they belong.

You will work closely with Caranina, our jewellery designer and goldsmith, to design a piece that perfectly captures your vision. With her expertise and your personal touch, each creation becomes a testament to your individuality and style. We love creating jewelry that celebrates YOU, turning your distinct story into timeless, wearable art.


What kinds of custom jewellery do we love to make?

Rings > pendants > earrings.

We loveee yellow gold.

Blobby, textural designs.

Designs with multi stone layouts of sapphires. We are down to keep it monochromatic or having lots of colour (sapphires come in all colours FYI).

We love baguettes and emerald cut stones, and mixing a variety of cuts together.

Incorporating old jewellery pieces to re-create something all for you.

Jewellery that celebrates you and brings you joy.

What’s the process for custom jewellery?

1. Gather your inspiration and ideas together, and reach out to us with all of this through our custom jewellery form or via email.

2. When we connect, we can better talk either online or in person, getting on the same page about your design vision and honing all details to what you’d like. We will forward you a proposal package including designs and quotes for your piece for your approval.

3. Once you’re happy with your piece, we will get started on production. Any custom stones we need to order will be sent to you for your approval, along with any CAD drawings or wax models that might need your eyes on them.

4. Our custom projects can take between 8-12 weeks and when your piece is ready for pick up, after we’ve taken 200 photos and videos of it, it’s ready to make its way home with you!