Friendship Bracelet Kit Instructions

In your beading kit, we have included a wide array of beads to choose from. We wanted you to feel inspired from all the colours and shapes to choose what resonated with you most. There are plenty of beads to continue beading with more string and more pieces.


In your kit you will find:

- longer pieces of beading string for the actual bracelet
- shorter pieces of thicker string to make the knot closure
- a needle to finish off the knot closure, and string beads if needed
- a curated selection of gemstones, vintage pearls, and czech seed beads


For the start of your bracelet, put at knot about 3" away from the end and start your beading.


* BEAD BEAD BEAD * Work with what you feel drawn to. Test out different colour combinations. Take your time with it.

(At the bottom of the page, there are some daisy chain instructions if you'd like to give them a try)


Once you have enough beads on that your bracelet fits around your wrist how you'd like, tie a knot at the end of the beads. From here, we will create a sliding macrame closure to finish off the bracelet. (Instructions below)