Learning about sliding scale pricing

You may have noticed as you peruse our website that a bunch of our products have multiple price points available upon purchase. This is an intentional system called sliding scale pricing which we are really happy to offer for a selection of our products and services.


What is sliding scale pricing?

Sliding scale pricing is a pricing system often offered in medical and therapy fields where a range of pricing is available for a specific service, where clients choose how much they are able to pay for the service based on the personal circumstance. The objective is to reduce financial barriers for attaining necessary services through offering a range of access points. It seeks to address the systemic inequalities of class in our society. (“Class” is a complex intersection of race, gender, privilege, sexuality, ability... a range of identities we all hold which are ranked through the lens of white supremacy in our society).

The client is given the power to choose the price point that best supports their disposable income at the moment. The scale represents the idea that personal financial resources should not be the determining factor in whether or not someone has access to needed goods and services.


Why do we offer sliding scale?

We don't often see sliding scale pricing offered in the fashion industry, and because we love the concept so much, we wanted to extend its benefits to our clients. 

Everyone deserves to feel good and wear pieces which make them feel confident and showcase their personal style. While jewellery has often been considered a luxury, we want to take steps to make it more accessible to a wider audience as best as we can.

We don't like running promotional sales. We struggle with the culture of fast fashion and consumerism. We don't want to hype up sales which fuel the allure of problematic shopping, regretful purchases, and fast consumption. We would rather provide consistent accessibility to our products, where our clients are excited to wear their pieces and they don't sit at home never being worn.

We craft our jewellery with intention and we strive for our pieces to find homes which value their creation.


How do the three tiers work?

We place no thought or judgment into which pricing tier is chosen by our clients. We trust you are paying an amount that best works for you at the moment.

The highest cost is the true cost of the product or workshop, followed by two lower steps in pricing to provide more accessibility. Everyone gets access to the same product or workshop through any price chosen. We recognize that accessibility to some of our offerings is difficult, so in having a range of pricing available, we hope to bring accessibility to our experience to more folks.



What do we offer sliding scale on?

Currently, we offer sliding scale pricing on our preloved collection, molten landscape rings, and our wax casting workshops. As we create more one of a kind pieces, we will continue to incorporate sliding scale pricing into new work.


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