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Bow Pendant

Bow Pendant

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Sliding Scale
Chain Length

A knot, tie, bow. Creating a connection to hold and remain, preserved in metal.


Fine details:
◇ Only ONE available, hand sculpted and textured bow and jump ring
◇ Made of brass, paired your choice length (16”-20”) with a gold vermeil connection chain 
◇ Specs: ~35mm tall, ~31 mm wide, ~3.5 mm at thickest point, ~3.1 grams
◇ 5% of your purchase will be used to purchase groceries for our local community fridge

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What does sliding scale mean?

Sliding scale pricing offers a range of price points for a given product or service. You are given the power to choose the price point that best supports your disposable income at the moment. The scale represents the idea that personal financial resources should not be the determining factor in whether or not someone has access to needed goods and services.

Everyone deserves to feel good and wear pieces which make them feel confident and showcase their personal style. While jewellery has often been considered a luxury, we want to take steps to make it more accessible to a wider audience as best as we can.

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