We host private workshops in our goldsmithing studio for one on one classes or groups of two to three at our downtown Hamilton studio.


We have three streams of workshop teaching:

1/ wax carving - we carve a signet ring together and after it is cast, we go through sanding and polishing techniques to make your perfect ring from scratch

2/ introduction goldsmithing skills - through this class we focus on one project - making stacking rings, a necklace, or bangles, while working through some basic skills like annealing, sanding, polishing, and hammering

3/ wedding band workshop - we work together to create your perfect wedding bands through wax carving or metal fabrication

4/ freestyle - bring us a photo of something you would like to create and we will work through the project together


Classes can range from 2-4 hours in one session, while our wax carving and wedding band classes are split into two sessions.


Reach out to us and we can discuss what possibilities are available for your project!